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You Can Access The Infinite Campus Application Using The Following Link:


All New Users Must attend an Infinite Campus Training Session to gain access to IC.

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For Enhanced Access Rights, Please have School or Department Top Administrator send a request to following:

Infinite Campus User Request Form

Click Here to access the PARENT PORTAL

Parent Portal Support Website

IC Principals Detailed Checklist August 2012

Master Schedule Assurance Form

MASTER School Position Allocation Guidelines-FY13

2012-2013 Headcount Survey Process

No-Show Process Guide Sheet

Infinite Campus Access/ Login

Principals Academy Presentation 2012-13

IC Messenger QuickSheet

Teacher Training Quicksheet

Student Record Companion Guide 2011-2012

FTE 1 Companion Guide 2012-2013

Infinite Campus Access/ Login

Teacher Training Quicksheet

Adding a Person

Enrolling a Person/Students

Schedule Prep Manual

Schedule Wizard Manual

Adding / Deleting Sections

Adding Students to Sections / Roster Setup

Front Office Attendance Guide

Withdrawal Documents:
Withdraw an APS Student

Withdrawal Verification Contact Form
Request for Records from a Non-APS School
Verification of Enrollment in a non-APS School

School Notices (Principal)

Pulling an Enrollment Summary Report from IC

IC ELA (Grades 1-5) Gradebook Setup

IC Kindergarten Gradebook Setup

IC Gradebook Setup - Semester Credit (4x4, 4x8, 5x8)

IC Conduct Grading Setup/Process

Summer School :
Summer School Enrollment Process



Click Here For The Infinite Campus Training Session Registration Process

Welcome to Infinite Campus.
If you have any questions please call us at

Updated Student Information Specialist Support Structure

SIS School Support Structure
Effective 7/10/12


2010-2011 School Year Resources

2010-2011 Attendance Day Count & 2010-2011 Infinite Campus Grade Posting Windows

2010-2011 20 Day Attendance Reporting Periods

Because Infinite Campus is a real-time data application, it is important that internet browser options are set correctly for saved data to properly update between your computer and the application database. Failure to ensure proper setup of browser settings can cause you to not see data that has been saved and is present in the database, and can lead to unnecessary confusion and frustration in your performance of work task within the Infinite Campus application. This quicksheet will guide you through the setup of all APS ‘district’ identified browsers (Internet Explorer 7 & Internet Explorer 6).

Infinite Campus - Internet Browser Setting Quicksheet

Attached to the quicksheet you will also find the vendor documentation for ensuring the proper browser setting for other common internet browsers. Please make sure that browser settings are set correctly on your work and home computer for best performance and responsiveness of the Infinite Campus application.

APS Enrollment & Transfer/Withdrawal Forms

Enrollment Form

Transfer/Withdrawal Forms

Data Requests Online Form- The Student Information Team has put together an online form for all data requests. When you complete this form you will be issued a confirmation via email, and your requests will immediately go into our queue for processing. Please discontinue use of the PDF form at this time.

Online Data Request Form

Here is a link to the new Student Information Specialists School Assignments.

The APS Enrollment Form has been revised!!

If you require assistance with Infinite Campus, be sure to check the Student Information website first for documentation regarding the problem. If you cannot find the information there, please contact Client Support either by phone at 404-802-1000 or via email at clientsupport@atlanta.k12.ga.us. If you email, please copy your assigned Student Information Specialist. If you do not call or email them for assistance, there is NO proof you ever requested assistance.

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